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Mid-Maine Apartments, Single Family Homes, Condos & Commercial Properties For Rent

Perkins Leasing & Management, located in Waterville, is mid-Maine's oldest and longest established asset management firm, specializing in the management of apartments, single family homes, condominium units, and commercial properties. 

Carroll Perkins established Perkins Leasing and Management in 1982, and the company has been managing properties throughout the greater mid-Maine area since then. Gregg Perkins has been managing the company since 1995, assisting banks, corporations, absentee owners, and investors with their property management tasks. In addition to property management services for absentee owners, staff also helps customers find homes, apartments, condos and commercial space for rent in mid-Maine. Presently, Perkins Leasing and Management handles numerous properties throughout the mid-Maine, including Waterville, Winslow, Fairfield, Oakland and their surrounding communities.

Perkins Leasing & Management gives you peace of mind, knowing that we will treat your property as our own, addressing threats before they become issues and keeping business under control.

If you are a property owner without the time to manage your own property or if you are an absentee owner who feels they need representation, we can help. We focus on driving money to the bottom line to help your property perform the best it can in the market place. To that extent, we have competent insured sub-contractors we use for many of the day to day issues that arise from the ownership and maintenance required to best help your property perform. We also negotiate fair market based rents and oil contracts with local providers so that you know you are getting a fair rent for your property and a fair deal for the oil you pay for.

For prospective and current tenants in properties we manage, we hope you find this website helpful. Browse through our current offerings. If you don't see anything of interest, please contact us for more information as our inventory is always changing.

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